Planet Tie Dye

at Silver Dollar Outpost

Super-Premium Tie Dye

Things have changed in the world of tie dye.  It used to be done in sinks and buckets.  It used to be something a kid did for craft class while at Summer Camp.  Things got better, but only a little.  The t-shirts were cheap and the look was cool, but the results were unreliable and faded quickly.

We've changed all that.  We procure the best possible quality garments available.   Our artisans have thousands of hours of experience with dye designs.  We use only the finest dye chemistry with proven, modern application techniques. 

A great design on a good shirt or a good design on a great shirt would be more than enough to call our garments "premium" designs.  Only the very best of the best get our "Super-Premium" description: the very best quality garment, the very best permanent dyes, the most artistic designs, all done by the most experiences artisans.  Painstakingly hand-made from start to finish, some designs take a full three days to finish!

No design is rushed.  All our garments are the very best available.  Our customer friends receive worry-free customer service.  We take care of everything: from creation to delivery, all our customers need to do is enjoy wearing their tie dye. 

We've been told our tie dye and our service are so wonderful, we must be from another planet!  They're right -- we're from Planet Tie Dye.  Welcome to our colorful world!

Red White & Blue Peace

A patriotic favorite that looks great and sends a message of personal freedom.

Hand-crafted on an ultra-plush tee, in short and long sleeves in most sizes.